Service Level Agreement

Outlined in this document are the additional terms for Bit (Cocycles Ltd.) Enterprise Cloud Service Level Agreement. By agreeing to these terms, you also agree to the Terms of Service, as determined by the type of account you have.


  • Error means an error condition that causes the Enterprise Cloud to fail to operate substantially in accordance with the Bit's (Cocycles Ltd.) standard specifications.
  • Case means the process in which an Error is reported, documented and tracked for technical support purposes.
  • Essential Services means the services essential to Bit's core component versioning control, including features and services such as importing, installing and exporting components.
  • Outage means the interruption of an Essential Service that affects more than 50% of Active Users.

Uptime Guarantee (SLA)

We guarantee that the Essential Services will have a quarterly Uptime percentage of 99.95%.

How do we calculate Uptime?

Our Uptime calculation is based on the percentage of successful requests we serve through our web, API, and Bit client interfaces.

What is excluded from the Uptime calculation?

  • Scheduled Downtime
  • Customer's acts, omissions, or misuse of the Services, including violations of the Terms of Service.
  • Failures of your internet connectivity
  • Factors outside our reasonable control, including Internet access related problems, force majeure events, and third party services or technology
  • Your equipment, services, or other technology
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