The enterprise component platform

Let your components drive web application delivery at global scale. Enjoy world-class performance, security and support every step of the way.

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Powering application delivery at scale

Bit enterprise lets you build and ship modern web applications at scale. It empowers global teams to build faster and better with components.


Private and secure

Keep your code private and secure with the highest standards.


Zero setup overhead

Create a cloud workspace in seconds and start working.


No vendor lock-in

Move components to your own server at any moment.

Bit enterprise

Everything you need to develop and ship component-driven applications at enterprise scale and standards.

Security and control

Keep your source-code and information secure with the highest standards. Get everything you need to stay in control.

  • SOC2 Certified
  • Audit logs
  • Source-code encryption at rest
  • Role-based permissions control
  • Multiple-backups for everything
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

Dedicated support

Enjoy personalized support from core Bit experts and engineers, that will make sure your delivery is never slowed down.

  • Dedicated, named Bit experts
  • Engineering-level support by core maintainers
  • Joint Slack
  • Response-time SLA
  • Escalation paths via phone, chat and email

Power to build

Get the resources and performance to build at global scale. Integrate Bit with your toolchain to boost delivery and time to market.

  • Auto-scaling concurrent builds
  • CI minutes that never block you
  • Webhook integrations
  • Advanced GitHub and Slack integrations
  • Custom extensions and integrations

Expert consultation

Our architects help the world’s best teams drive development through components. We’d love to do the same for you.

  • Industry-experts architectural review
  • Implementing best practices
  • Personalized workflows
  • Hands-on A-Z onboarding
  • Training for teams and leadership

Reliable and secure

  • designed

    Reliable by design

    Build with auto-scaling resources that never block you, while ensuring impeccable availability with a Google-grade multi-zone architecture.

  • shield

    Always secure

    Keep your source-code and information secure with the highest-standards measures, policies, and practices. Learn more

  • trusted

    Trusted by the best

    Bit is trusted by over 200,000 developers and teams from the world’s leading companies from various industry sectors.


Rooted in your ecosystem

Bit integrates into your software-building toolchain and plays with your ecosystem. Get advanced and custom integrations to boost delivery.


Advanced component usage analytics

Track and learn exactly which components are used, in which version, in which project. Take control over components across the enterprise codebase.

  • Track component usage across projects and teams
  • Drive and monitor the adoption of changes
  • Verify and distribute best-standard components
  • Ensure visual consistency

World-class support by hands-on experts


Response-time SLA

Guarantee fast response times and availability through personal support channels to ensure your team never slows down delivery.


Named contacts and escalation paths

Enjoy personal support from dedicated experts that you can reach anytime you need. And, add multiple escalation paths to your arsenal just in case.


Expert review and training

Get architectural-level consultation from industry leading experts and hands-on training for best practices and personalized workflows.

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