Components are your design system. Build better together.
Turn your real code into a collaborative design system.

Get true adoption.
Turn your real React, Vue or Angular components into a collaborative design system.
Easily reuse and standardize components across projects and apps.
Bring together developers, designers and everyone else to collaborate over real code.
Easily share components across projects and teams.

Standardize UI design and development.
Instantly share components across projects and teams. Increase code reuse, reduce overhead.
Collaborate to build and update components from different projects. Build better together.
Grow a living component ecosystem and get true adoption for your design system.
Build and distribute truly reusable components.

Make it easy to adopt and collaborate.
Build, test and render components in true isolation from your project. Make them truly reusable.
Version and export components to your awesome hub. Make it simple to find and use them.
Make it easy to use and update shared components from any project.
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Suggest updates to components right from any app. Get adoption.
Instantly export components from existing apps and libraries. No refactoring or overhead needed.
Reuse components in new projects. Thanks to Bit, each will run and build in any new project environment.
Import and update components right from any new app. Gain unlimited adoption for your components.
Ongoingly view and monitor UI changes, in your actual code
Visually discover your components in your team's hub. Bridge the gap from development to design.
Ongoingly monitor UI changes, everywhere and always. Let everyone see and learn exactly what you build.
Communicate and collaborate over your real components. Build better together as a team.
Bring everyone together to collaborate. Build faster.
Bring together developers, designers, product, marketing and everyone else in your team's hub.
Learn and use what you really have to plan and build new apps better and faster.
Eliminate mistakes, make better decisions and work together to deliver the best experience to your users.
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