Our Mission
Speed up and scale modern web development
Modern web development is how great products improve the lives of billions of people. We build tools that allow modular and distributed web development that is much faster, better, and infinitely scalable. We build 100% of our own technology using our own tools. So can you.
Our Values
We are human, and we break things. We communicate our strong-suites as well as our downfalls, and learn from where we fail. If something isn’t ready, we’ll say it. If it’s broken, we won’t release it. If there’s something we missed, the best thing you can do for us is to let us know and help us improve.
We take responsibility over our product. We eat our own dogfood, use Bit to collaborate on hundreds of components in our own codebase and use every feature before it’s released. As developers, we also know how important it is to get help when it’s needed. We are fully committed to an uncompromising, fast, personal, and all-the-way-through support for every developer working with Bit, no matter who, how and what for. This also help us grow and get better.
The world’s developer community is the drive-engine of our future on this planet. It’s where the best things in our lives are built. We believe Bit should help developers share knowledge through code and work together. This is why we open-source as much of our technology as we can, contribute to the ecosystem as much as we can, and will forever make open source free for all.
“The secret to efficiently building ‘large’ things is generally to avoid building them in the first place. Instead, compose your large thing out of smaller, more focused pieces.“
Addy Osmani
The Team
We are a passionate team of developers and open-sorcerers located in New-York & Tel-Aviv. United around our vision, we work together to bring software composition to its full potential. We are always looking for talents to join our team: from exceptional developers and seasoned architects to anyone with extraordinary skills and passion in our space.
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